A case render shows triple camera set up for Huawei P20 Plus

The Huawei P20 plus, as by the rumours going on, is considered to be one of the company’s next high-end models. Of course, there’s nothing to be like getting in a dilemma for this, because still now we have smartphones of a single rear camera so a triple-camera set up will truly make Huawei P20 Plus stand out from the race.

There’s nothing to question like if it’s going to make a huge success over the remaining smartphones. Come on, it’s been clear that Huawei is going to spot various smartphone pricing brackets with the release of three P20 models: P20, P20 Plus and P20 Pro out of which either the P20 Plus or the P20 Pro will have a triple camera setup. Just to make it clear, these will have different designs, power, and sets of cameras.

The eye-striking feature which is so beautiful and amazing of this phone is the triple camera on the back. The triple rear cameras are vertically aligned on the top left corner. The front of the phone probably has a full-screen display. Other leaks about the Huawei P20 model are that it has a dual camera setup as well as a ‘notch’ in the screen similar to the iPhone X. And for the selfie admirers, the selfie shooter is set on the top while the fingerprint scanner is set on the bottom.


Get yourself prepared to get to know more about this amazing product from Huawei by using it when it comes. The P20 series of Huawei may be officially unveiled at the upcoming Mobile World Congress, although that too is a speculation. Till then stay with us for more info.

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