Leak shows alleged OnePlus 6 with Iphone X like notch on the top

Of course, the tendency of adding top-notch concept by Apple now seems to be a part of the competition. Up-to-date different phones like the ASUS Zenfone 5, the Huawei P20 and the highly anticipated OnePlus 6 have adopted the trend.

The following picture is somehow shown as to be a prototype of the OnePlus 6 however it would be hard to digest because of so many fake leaks coming out. The rear panel in the picture somehow does make us partially believe that it could be a part of the non-finished model. As based on our information provided earlier, OnePlus handsets are often based on some other smartphones manufactured by Oppo. Also, as reported before Oppo is already working on a model R13 which seems to be an iPhone clone.

Though the leaks have somehow created a web of confusion, it could still be fake news. If our skepticism isn’t enough to you, then those pictures shared are now already removed from the post. Although we’re familiar with the OnePlus Series (OnePlus 3), the new handset in the leaks carries a build that makes complete differ from what we’ve been using. The wireless charging of Samsung and Apple is exactly the same by the newly OnePlus 6 phone. If this is sure to happen then we can certainly expect to see the next OnePlus 6 sporting such feature.

We’ve got a large 18:9 display with a top-notch on the front of this phone to house the camera and sensors. The OnePlus 6 looks a bit bezel-less as compared to its predecessor OnePlus 5T. Without profit or idea of turnover, this mighty thing could be a challenging one. Apparently, through the photo, we can still see an inconsistency in the aesthetics.

Rumors are there about this phone saying it to be the groundbreaking device from the Chinese manufacturer. It includes Snapdragon 845, 6GB/8GB RAM and 64GB/128GB and a QHD+ display. With this, all the OnePlus Series wants to compete against the more expensive flagships.

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