Moto E5 Series Specifications Leaked

Like the Moto G series, the Moto E series has also set its gear on the market. Earlier in this year various leaks and rumour regarding Motorola’s E series have been discovered. Through these leaks, we’ve got to know the design of the handset and now we have something on the specs side of the E series.


Motorola’s E series

We’ve got to know that leaks have been revealed highlighting on the specs of all the three variants. These leaks have been discovered from the tweet of Andri Yatim, who is a well known Motorola tipster. Although numerous leaks were there from earlier this month now we’ve got more from him. After the long haul, Moto E5 Plus, Moto E5, and Moto E5 Play are all ready to have the markets by alluring users via its design and features. Expected as to be the premium amongst the three, Moto E5 Plus comes with a 5.8-inch display panel with HD+ resolution and have 32GB and 64GB variants. The device also has a 16MP rear shooter with f/1.75 aperture, front camera of 8MP f/2.0 aperture and 5000mAh battery.

Coming next, with a 5.5-inch display the Moto E5 will be the standard variant. It will have a 720p display which barely represents 18:9 aspect ratio. It has a rear and front camera of 18MP and 5MP respectively. It is powered by a 3028mAh battery. Lastly, the Moto E5 Play is at the lowest end of the spec paper. Coming out in the market to present itself with a 5.2-inch display along with HD resolution, it is all set to be a productive one despite its 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. It also has a large 4000mAh battery.

As by the info, it is quite expected that except North America all regions will sport MediaTek SoCs in the case of the Moto E5 Plus. Although many reports have been revealed yet the release dates have not been set by Motorola for the launch of the E or G series.

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