Samsung Galaxy S11 on Supporting 108MP camera and 8K video?



It was pretty much unclear earlier when Samsung announced that the Samsung Galaxy S11 will come up with a large camera bump but now we know about what really the bump is.


 Galaxy S11

Source: TheVerge


The new model S11 will now use a 108MP sensor for its main camera.

With this S11 we can record 8K video and that is pretty cool, isn’t it?

Although, it isn’t really surprising as we know both the Exynos 990 flagship processor and the
Snapdragon 865 chipset supports 8K recording. And this model is going to use both in different regions.

The Snapdragon 855 series doesn’t support 8K till now, but the Exynos 982X processor does really well. And now both these do support the feature, it really makes sense to implement it.

Prior to this year, rumors regarding the new flagship from the Samsung family will have something huge in its model. And now the mighty change in the camera is the latest upgrade in
the Samsung Galaxy S11.

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