Vivo Releases Teaser for Vivo Apex Concept: Futuristic Bezel-less Phone with in-display fingerprint sensor

Chinese smartphone maker Vivo with its revolutionary concept in its new product named APEX has released a video teasing about its new concept on its Facebook and Weibo account. Although the video doesn’t tell us more about this phone, we can still be amazed by its stunning design along with its features. Vivo has introduced the rebellious concept at the MWC 2018.

Yes, you heard it right. The Vivo APEX concept has no any selfie front camera on its display screen. It could be frowning one to the selfie lovers. Getting new with the idea of retracting the front camera it has an 8MP selfie camera inside the chassis of the phone. Not to worry about this, because you can easily elevate the hidden camera which pops up like a periscope when required. It takes 0.8 seconds to ready itself and makes a little whirring sound. If nothing else, it’s a neat way to avoid the notch.


The Vivo APEX has super-slim bezels around the display. It consists of a 1.8mm top bezel which is the smallest one ever created for a smartphone. The thickness of its bottom bezel is 4.3mm. Overall, it indicates that the 18:9 aspect ratio display offers a screen-to-body ratio of nearly 98percent. According to Vivo, the microchips are mounted directly to the circuit board which is flexible enough. Hence the company did manage to cut down the bezels. Also on the top, there is an OLED display.


Earlier the X20 Plus UD in Vivo was the world’s first smartphone to come out with an under-display fingerprint scanner located at one spot at the bottom portion of the display. Now this time the APEX concept phone features better under-display fingerprint scanner technology as it spans across the bottom half of the display. Vivo has dubbed this technology as half-screen In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology.

The new Screen Sound Casting Technology available on the Vivo APEX allows its display to function like a speaker and an earpiece. For producing the sound like a speaker it vibrates the display which seems to be quite cool. In comparison to regular audio methods, this new technology consumes less power. With System in Package (SIP) technology onboard, the handset will be able to better Hi-Fi audio experience. Three amplifiers and DAC have been integrated under the hood of the concept phone.



The space covered by the circuit board is reduced by nearly 60 percent just to provide enough space for a larger battery. In order to prevent the phone from heating, it has come up with new cooling technology. The two sensors: ambient and proximity sensors are there underneath the display of the Vivo APEX concept phone. Equipped with USB-C port, 3.5mm audio, a pair of external speakers and dual rear cameras, Apex is purely a concept phone ready to get its users driven with the eye-catching super cool features.

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