Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S concept phone with a full screen to body ratio

The breathtaking new flagship from the Chinese manufacturer, Xiaomi, Mi Mix 2S has been revealed. As compared to its predecessors, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S has more clarification on its hardware design and performances. Though the actual photo of its design hasn’t revealed yet we can still see its video on YouTube. It has put shamelessness to the upcoming Vivo APEX concept phone through its splendid design.

We’ve seen the tri-bezel-less design embedded in Xiaomi’s first-gen, Xiaomi Mi Mix and its successor, Mi Mix 2. Now this time the concept is in adding to a bezel at the bottom. However, this innovative idea has contributed to featuring thinner bezels on all the four sides of the display. The screen-to-body ratio of the Mi Mix 2S will expect to be almost 100 percent leaving back to the newly Vivo APEX concept phone which is just 98 percent.

Xiaomi hasn’t yet revealed the actual placement of its selfie camera. Earlier to its patent applied for the hidden camera, this time it could be doing the same. However, there’s an expectation that it could feature a flip-up camera just like the Vivo APEX concept phone along with the other sensors embedded under the screen. The dual-camera setup is vertically installed on the back of the phone at the top-left side. Additionally, there’s a dual-tone LED flash placed between the two camera sensors. The Mi Mix 2S handset will be sporting a ceramic chassis.

The new flagship of the Chinese manufacturer, Xiaomi hasn’t yet revealed the actual picture of it. The above-mentioned photos are not fake however this could be made on the imagination of its predecessors or simply surrounding the Mi Mix 2S.

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